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JB-Deckenlampe1 1318 Downloads

A simple ceiling lamp. (without stoneslabs)

- Can placed under a slab too.
- You can switch the light on/off.
- The lampshade is colorable with dye.
- Armorstands: 4

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JB-Parkbank1 1416 Downloads

My first complete own creation is a small parkbench.
2 seat positions.
- the size allows many bench-combinations.
- Armorstands: 12

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JB-Chair1 1179 Downloads

This chair is "only" an improved version of the Chair, that is implemented in the furniture-plugin.

- The backrest is slightly tilted backwards.
- I add a seat cushion that is colorable with dye.
1 seat position.
- Armorstands: 9