Welcom on the DiceFurniture Model Website

Hello my name is @Ste3et_C0st i have programm a furniture plugin for spigot
i have start to work on it since march 2015 and i was the first person how have release a Armorstand Furniture Plugin on Spigot
i make the plugin for free to use and i spend so mutch time into the development to make it Perfect.

What deos i need
You need a spigot version for Minecraft 1.9 or higher 1.8 is not more supportet
you need the current ProtcolLib version

Know bugs
- The plugin works with ProtocolLib and send the ArmorStands over packets this reduced the server lags, but the plugin need a
bunch of Server performance then you place to mutch Furniture, the reason why is simple the Furniture a lot of complicated and
it need to mutch simultating the bunch entitys.
- The FurnitureLib for the spigot 1.8 cannot download a furniture from this side the reason why is simple the
technology behind a armorstand have be change in 1.9
- The Armorstands models look different from the website, this is normal then the Model have been generated in a old
Minecraft version and the new one have a different angle of the Items to display, and the armorstand models deosn't support
a lot of custom ressourcepacks, many ressourcepacks have a different artwork of an item.