<span style='color:#286090;'>AdventCalender</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


  • The AdventCalender only works from 01.12.XXXX to 24.12.XXXX.
  • The Owner of an AdventCalender must RightClick with amount of Arrows to edit the Christmas Reward, with the following examples:
    • one Arrow is for 01.12.XXXX
    • two Arrows is for 02.12.XXXX
    • three Arrows is for 03.12.XXXX
    • .......
  • Fireworks from the Reward Launches at the middle of the AdventCalender.
  • The AdventCalender supports commands rewards.
    • Use @CONSOLE .... for console commands.
      • @CONSOLE say this is a test
    • Use @PLAYER .... for player commands.
      • @PLAYER say this is a test
    • You can use the %player% variable to get the playername who clicked.
  • Message support
    • Use @PLAYER ... for player Messages
      • @PLAYER hello World
    • Use @BROADCAST ... for global Server Messages
      • @BROADCAST hello World
    • You can use the %player% variable to get the playername who clicked.
<span style='color:#286090;'>AdventWreath</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


You can light the Torches from the AdventWreath with an flint and steel.
<span style='color:#286090;'>Barrels</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


You can put all types of Blocks into a barrel.
<span style='color:#286090;'>BearTrap</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


The BearTrap can only damage the Player you can change the damage in this file:
<span style='color:#286090;'>Billboard</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


Only a model at the Time
<span style='color:#286090;'>BlackBoard</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


The Blackboard can Store one Item.
<span style='color:#286090;'>CactusPlant</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


The CactusPlant is an deco object he deos not hurt the player :(
<span style='color:#286090;'>Camera</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


This is camera you can shoot a 25x25x25 picture from the landscape when you hold a Map (not an empty) in the hand
<span style='color:#286090;'>CampChair</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


This is a chair you can sit on it
<span style='color:#286090;'>Campfire1</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


This is campfire you can turn it on with flint & steel.
<span style='color:#286090;'>Campfire2</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


This is large campfire#2 you can turn it on with flint & steel.
When the campfire is on you can grill this food:

- PORK (319)
- RAW FISH (349)
- RAW BEEF (363)
- CHICKEN (365)
- POTATO (392)
- RAW RABBIT (411)
<span style='color:#286090;'>CandyCane</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


The CandyCane is only an Model and has no included function (yet).
<span style='color:#286090;'>Catapult</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


The Catapult can shoot blocks then you rightclick with an tnt on the catapult you launch an tnt.
<span style='color:#286090;'>Chair</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


This is a chair you can sit on it
<span style='color:#286090;'>Crossbow</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


Then you rightclick the Crossbow with an arrow you put the arrow in the Crossbow.
The Stack size from the Crossbow is over 64 then rightclick the Crossbow again you can launch an arrow.
<span style='color:#286090;'>Fence</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


You can set a new type of fences.
To change the block, right click with a valid block.
The fence type can be change with another fences or with an cobble wall.

You can change all valid types in the /plugins/FurnitureLib/plugin/fence/whiteList.yml
<span style='color:#286090;'>Flag</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


Then Flag can be changed with any banner, and it has 3 Flag heights that you can change the with a rightclick.
<span style='color:#286090;'>Flowerpot</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


The FlowerPot can only place on the bottom side of blocks it is an 'normal' flower pot.
<span style='color:#286090;'>Gravestone</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


This is gravestone you can change the sign text.
<span style='color:#286090;'>Guillotine</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


You must be shift and RightClick the Guillotine to open the Option Menue.
Guilotine II requires:
1x Armor

Guilotine III reuires:
<span style='color:#286090;'>Hammock</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


You can color the Hammock with an banner and can change the piller with log.
Then you rightclick the Hammock you can sit on it
<span style='color:#286090;'>HumanSkeleton</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


The HumanSkeleton deos what a HumanSkeleton deos it is only an Model
<span style='color:#286090;'>Lantern</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


This is a small lantern you can turn this off with an waterbucket und turn this on back with an flint & steel
<span style='color:#286090;'>LargeTable</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


This is a large glass table you can it dey and put some items on the Table
<span style='color:#286090;'>Log</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


You can place:
On the Block then you shift and right Click on the block you can change the displayslot.
You can change the Block then you right click to the Furniture Block.
<span style='color:#286090;'>Mailbox</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


Only a model at the Time
<span style='color:#286090;'>SchoolChair</span> make from Ste3et_C0st


This is a chair you can sit on it